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PAC 12

Fan Code of Conduct

The University of Utah and the Pac-12 Conference are committed to serving our fans by providing a safe, comfortable and enjoyable experience on game day. This Fan Code of Conduct has been established to ensure that your experience, and the experience of all fans, is consistent with our commitment.

In enforcing the Fan Code of Conduct, stadium and parking lot personnel may intervene in circumstances where the following behaviors are exhibited: 

  • Abusive, foul or disruptive language and obscene gestures.
  • Intoxication or other signs of impairment related to alcohol consumption or any drug use.
  • Fighting, taunting or threatening remarks or gestures.
  • Displays of affection not appropriate in public settings.
  • Sitting in a location other than the guest’s ticket seat.
  • Attempting to enter (or entering) the field or other restricted areas.
  • Throwing objects onto the field or into other seating areas.
  • Failing to follow instructions of stadium or parking lot personnel.
  • Smoking except in designated areas.
  • The wearing of obscene or indecent clothing.
  • Selling items or tickets (when such sales violate local ordinances, law or regulations).
  • Any actions that do or could disrupt the progress of the game.
  • Any other actions which otherwise interferes with other guests’ enjoyment of the game.
Each guest should hold his or her ticket and be ready to display it to stadium personnel to verify their seat location.  Guests are strongly encouraged to report any violation of the Fan Code of Conduct to the nearest usher, security guard or guest services staff member.  Guests who choose not to adhere to Fan Code of Conduct may be subject to immediate ejection, arrest and/or having their tickets (including season tickets) revoked without refund.   All season ticket holders are responsible for their conduct as well as the conduct of their guests and/or persons using their tickets.

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Last Updated: 2/24/17